St John’s Churchyard, Bath

This is a fascinating churchyard hidden away from the usual tourist attractions of Bath. Closed many years ago, it has been lovingly restored and many tombs labelled by local volunteers. It also has the Pinch family, who built it.

Tombs range from simple stones to ornate family edifices, some of which helpfully have information provided.

Three Frowd sisters, friends of Hannah More

St_Johns_Church_Bath_ Frowd_friends_Hannah_Moor

Dame Brisbane, mother of the founder of Queensland’s capital city


Only seems to be one of these so probably the parish graverobber tomb. Was placed on fresh grave until body was too old to be used by surgeons, then used for another grave. It may suggest this was the last burial before the passage of the Anatomy Act of 1832 which made anatomy legal.


Charles Wilkinson MD. The springs of Bath attracted many sick people so physicians and surgeons were numerous. And of course they also died there.


A tiny stone, perhaps another graverobber tomb


A fine stone for a humble servant. Nineteen years of faithful service.


John Kilvert, uncle of the famous diarist


La Touche family, Charles killed in India aged 32


Love this one: Mary Lawrence, pew opener for 68 years at both old and new churches


Pinch family became major builders after the John Woods. Their designs were less grand, but have a quiet charm. Woods were more town planners, and their buildings are notoriously focused on facades.

Samuel Palmer Sexton


Sir Joseph Gilpin Army Physician


Sophia, great granddaughter of Sir Christopher Wren. Like him, a simple tomb


Thorne family

My favourite: Tomb full 1866


2 thoughts on “St John’s Churchyard, Bath

  1. Good to see the photograph of the tomb of Sir Joseph Gilpin. I am writing a short biography of him for Cumbrian Lives. He was famous for quelling a plague in Gibraltar in 1813-14 and was knighted for this action. All rather topical in 2020 !


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