Welcome to my site. I have been researching, writing and publishing curious stories about eighteenth century Britain for over a decade. My work has appeared in the press and on local and national radio. I also give talks to interested groups.

In September 2018 I published a trio of new books which are now available in print and ebook formats from the usual outlets. They are:

Frolicksome Women & Troublesome Wives: Wife Selling in England,

Mr Bridges’ Enlightenment Machine: Forty Years on Tour in Georgian Britain, and

The Midas of Manumission: Samuel Gist and his Virginian Slaves.

If you have any questions about Georgian history, please get in touch. I don’t have all the answers but I can probably make a good guess. Or know someone who can.

I am currently working on my latest book, working title is The Other End of the Telescope. Watch this space for publishing date.