St Cuthbert’s Church, Wells

This is one of the finest parish churches I’ve ever seen, with a near bewildering selection of unique survivors. Locals commend it for its’ fine roof, with its host of angels, it has one of the tallest towers in Somerset, and the gargoyles are amazing.

Jesse trees are rare; this one is enclosed in some fine wood carving.

The font with cover, tomb of local Herbert, and the organ which was being played at the time of my visit adding a wonderfully gothic air to the space. It was LOUD

A story to tell, and memorial to the Gebo family.

Wonderful pulpit showing fine mermaids and Old Testament Stories: David and Goliath, Jonah and the Whale, Prodigal son.

A very rare reredos, and two royal coats of arms, presumably one was covered up and forgotten then replaced.

The towering tower, churchyard cross now war memorial, and something I’ve never seen before: a memorial carved into wall of the church.

Last but not least, GARGOYLES! though stretching my usually strict definition as being spouts to convey water away from the building. These seem to be in the wrong place for that.


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