St Mary le Wigford Church, Lincoln

This is one of the strangest churches I’ve ever visited, but in a good way. I just happened upon it and was impressed by the history of the place, and the amazing variety of its contents. The woman who kindly showed me around told me what she could and referred me to their well designed website for more details. The main entrance and tower which leads into a cafe and drop in centre for the locals.


This is the Grade II listed conduit that sits outside, recycled from the De Kyne family chantry which was in a nearby friary. It was still in use 1864-1906 and was important during the 1904/5 typhoid outbreak when locals trusted its water over the mains supply.

I’ve never seen anything like this. Apologies for the poor quality, but this is taken from a mirror reflecting the underside of a mural monument , the Lacock Stone which shows the face of a cat. No me neither. And the memorial itself.


This is the information provided:


This is Whitton’s Charity, a whopping £1,000 left to the parish poor. Lincoln_St_Mary-Whittons-Charity

The main church and remains of a fine screen

A well travelled but vandalised alabaster memorial to Sir Thomas and Lady Grantham. It was in another church, which was damaged in the Civil War, moved to a parish church in Sussex and restored here eventually.


A badly vandalised figure, with cross in former memorial niche.


A lovely font but no details.


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