St Mary’s Church, Stamford

This is another of the wonderful mediaeval churches of Stamford, but this one is still a working church, and smells of incense as it is High Church and has the stations of the cross arranged around the walls. There was a church of this name at the time of the Conquest, but the current one is mostly from the 13th century. In the past it was called “Our Ladye of Staunford” and “St Maries by the Bridge”.The Lancastrian army ravaged it in 1461 and it was largely rebuilt and extensions such as the south porch.  The Statue of Our Lady is from c1330and discovered behind some 17th century building work, so was hidden from the iconoclasts, a reminder of opposition to the wrecking. The present rood screen, choir stalls and ceiling were designed by J.D. Stedding in the arts and crafts style. The Great Rood was by Harold Baily in July 1920 as a war memorial.The High Altar was by sculptor Stirlng Lee.

A couple of simple monuments: a strange family name and a mature spinster.

A fine pair of angels

Lectern font, pulpit

Some lovely woodwork

Rood screen and chancel

Some lovely modern glass


And by local  standards, a rather tame roof


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