Gloucester Cathedral Fonts

I have often visited Gloucester Cathedral but recently realised I had no images or any memory of seeing a font there. Though most baptisms are in parish churches, most cathedrals have several.

On a recent visit, I was told by front desk staff that they had a large stone font in the crypt which was carried upstairs for baptisms which made no sense as it risked damage & would be easier to hold the service in the crypt.

I wandered round the cathedral taking photos and in the LadyChapel noticed this brass plaque explaining that the font from Lancaster St James in 1940, 1of 6 lead fonts in the county from the same mould. It seras to show the apostles. It was placed in chapel in 1986.

But this raised questions as to what was used before. I found a guide who showed me an image of the big font in the crypt. It is made of Scandinavian granite by GGScott which makes it Victorian so there’s still a gap in the history

So there’ still more to discover

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