From Whitmister to Wooley

I spent a lot of time researching 18th century architecture of Bristol, in particular the Paty or Patey family, often maligned for producing so much dull architecture. But they were commissioned by merchants, low on classical knowledge and wanting value for money, which the Patys achieved is sondes.

The family business survived the Napoleonic collapse which saw most businesses go bankrupt and under new owners survived well into the 20th century which I see as impressive.

Thomas Paty was the most prolific with a house near the central library. I knew his daughter Elizabeth had married the sculptor Thomas King of Bath but this was a very common name there so was unable to trace her.

But a chance visit to Whitminster church has this monument to the local King family which notes their son was Thomas King of Bath and that he was buried at Woolley north of Bath. A lovely classical church with cornflower blue interior by John Wood the younger, and Peter Gabriel’s local.

A fantastic discovery.

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