Lincolnshire Museum of Rural Life

I loove rural life museums. They can be very educational and I often find answers to questions I never knew I needed to ask. This one is great, and my main reason for visiting the city. It’s housed in the former police headquarters.


People often collected scrapbooks, but I love a good collage screen, and they don’t survive as well. This is great. As is the personalised ceramic house.

Chemist shop with an example of the horrors they offered

A rather odd poem about how ladies ride and a rather lifelike model.

In case you were wondering, here’s a hernia clamp and a boot for sheep:

Some vehicles; penny farthing and a hobby horse

Can’t remember what the first is, then a hearse and a tractor with tracks

Victorian schoolroom and a fine ironwork urinal

A blower for an organ, a prizewinning scarecrow and punishment for shooting homing pigeons.

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