Bishops’ Palace, Wells

This complements my previous post on the Wells of Wells, all of which are within stone walls, but they were not substantial enough for defence;  they  have protected the site from floods.


The courtyard has a splendid tree full of blossom – think it’s almond

The undercroft is now used for events, especially weddings etc.

This fireplace has firedogs that look like hounds. Wells_Bishop_Palace_Firedogs

A Tudor chair for the bishop, and what looks like carved details but is a cheap Victorian alternative – papier mache.

The long gallery has portraits of the many bishops. The black patch may be a sign of syphilis. During the last war, this was both refectory and schoolroom for boys evacuated from Bristol.

A wonderful green man with one of the best explanations of the design. And dragons in the stairwell.

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