Coming Home – Nantgarw Porcelain

This wonderful small museum on the outskirts of Cardiff has recently obtained funding to put on permanent display some of their finest works, and they are lovely. This shows why it is the finest porcelain ever made, as it is so translucent. They intend to produce work through which you can read a book. Incredible!

This is the new display case.


They were uncertain if this egg cup was theirs until they found the piece of unpainted work that matches it.


This shows the many layers of paint that needs to be painted on and then baked to seal it before the next layer is added.


Unlike most of Europe, there were few wealthy patrons for such factories, which is why this went bankrupt after years of experimenting to perfect the porcelain.

Most work was done for specific patrons, often copying other work. This is a copy of Sievres porcelain:


At the other end of the scale, they also produced more humble works, such as this comical teapot.